Re: Magic Number for New File system

From: Mike Waychison
Date: Fri Dec 17 2004 - 03:53:09 EST

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Bhattiprolu, Ravikumar (Ravikumar) wrote:
> Hi All,
> We are planning to write a new file system for our requirements. Is
> there any standard way to allocate a magic number for this new file
> system?

Have a cat walk across your numpad. The value is pretty meaningless
other than as a unique identifier for your fstype. See statfs(2) for a
list of known MAGIC numbers.

> Also how to go about writing the new file system?

For a block device backed fs, see fs/minix/* for a simple enough
example. Another good example for a much simpler fs is fs/ramfs/inode.c

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