Re: Strange memory leak in 2.6.x

From: Timo Hennerich
Date: Mon Mar 14 2005 - 07:31:55 EST


my brother got ill this weekend, so I'll continue this task:

> > See
> Great, just so that there is no confusion, I still need a new run
> of /proc/page_owner, the shorter time before the lockup the better.

The machine locked up this morning again. See

for one of the last results of /proc/page_owner. It seems to be
obvious that the memory-leak seems to be the first entry:

$ less page_owner_sorted_20050314_0740.bz2
881397 times:
Page allocated via order 0
[0xc013962b] find_or_create_page+91
[0xf8aa9955] +613
[0xf8aaa606] +1366
[0xc015765c] vfs_write+172
[0xc015776c] sys_write+60
[0xc0103879] sysenter_past_esp+82

13358 times:
Page allocated via order 0
[0xc014817a] do_wp_page+282
[0xc014914e] handle_mm_fault+302
[0xc0113625] do_page_fault+501
[0xc0104a7b] error_code+43

The sorted table of /proc/kallsyms looks like this:

f8aa90e0 t reiserfs_commit_page [reiserfs]
f8aa92e0 t reiserfs_submit_file_region_for_write [reiserfs]
f8aa9550 t reiserfs_check_for_tail_and_convert [reiserfs]
f8aa96f0 t reiserfs_prepare_file_region_for_write [reiserfs]
f8aaa0b0 t reiserfs_file_write [reiserfs]
f8aaa770 t reiserfs_aio_write [reiserfs]
f8aaa779 t .text.lock.file [reiserfs]
f8aaa7c0 t reiserfs_dir_fsync [reiserfs]
f8aaa7f0 t reiserfs_readdir [reiserfs]
f8aaad70 t make_empty_dir_item_v1 [reiserfs]
f8aaae50 t make_empty_dir_item [reiserfs]
f8aaafc0 t create_virtual_node [reiserfs]
f8aab520 t check_left [reiserfs]
f8aab670 t check_right [reiserfs]
f8aab7c0 t get_num_ver [reiserfs]

So I guess that we have a problem with the reiser filesystem??
We are using reiserfs 3.6...

Perhaps it's important to notice that the operating system

- is no fresh installation of SuSE 9.2, but was updated from SuSE 8.2
- is installed on that special hardware via a restore with the software
Mondo-Rescue v2.03

Unfortunately we were not able up to now to reproduce the bug with
identical hardware and simulated disk-io. Only the production environment
triggers the bug.

0xf8aa9955 - 613 = 0xf8aa96f0: reiserfs_prepare_file_region_for_write
0xf8aaa606 - 1366 = 0xf8aaa0b0: reiserfs_file_write

Wild guessing: Is "reiserfs_prepare_file_region_for_write" used
to append new output to existent files only - and do we have a memory
leak inside of this function? The production machine is used as loghost
and syslog is writing several 100MB logfiles each day - which would be
a difference to the test hardware.

Best regards Timo
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