Re: cpufreq on-demand governor up_treshold?

From: Jan De Luyck
Date: Mon Mar 14 2005 - 07:42:07 EST

On Monday 14 March 2005 08:57, Eric Piel wrote:
> Jan De Luyck a écrit :
> > Hello lists,
> >
> > (please cc me from cpufreq list)
> >
> > I've since yesterday started using the ondemand governor. Seems to work
> > fine, tho I can't seem to find a reason why it keeps scaling my processor
> > speed upwards tho the processor use never exceeds 30% (been watching top
> > -d 1).
> >
> >
> > Any hints?
> You can try the three attached patches in the order :
> ondemand-cleanup-factorise-idle-measurement-2.6.11.patch
> ondemand-save-idle-up-for-all-cpu-2.6.11.patch
> ondemand-automatic-downscaling-2.6.11-accepted.patch
> They are available on the cpufreq list but as it's difficult to access
> it I'm sending them again, all together. These are the last things that
> Venki and I have been working on. It should solve your problem
> (actually, only the last patch, but it depends on the two previous
> patches). Please, let me know if it works.

Okay, now the behaviour of the ondemand governor looks more 'sane'. Thanks, it
looks like a huge improvement :)


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