DAVL v1.2.1 is released!

From: sugita
Date: Sat Oct 08 2005 - 03:38:40 EST

Dear all,

I'd like to announce publication of Disk Allocation Viewer for
Linux (a.k.a. davl) version 1.2.1.

The development of this program is partly supported by IPA
(Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan).

davl is a program which collects and visualizes the fragmentation
status information of Linux filesystem, ext2/ext3.

davl v1.2.1 supports for GTK+1.2.
And davl v1.2.1 has the comparison function between two
fragmentation status.
Please try to use it. We are waiting for your comments.

davl binaries, source code and documents are available
in the following site,

davl URL is changed.

We prepared a mailing list written below in order to let users know
update of davl.


And if you have any comments, please send to the above list, or to
another mailing-list written below.


Best regards,
All of the davl developers

Yumiko Sugita
Hitachi,Ltd., Systems Development Laboratory
E-mail: sugita@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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