Re: Anybody know about nforce4 SATA II hot swapping + linux raid?

From: Andrew Walrond
Date: Sat Oct 08 2005 - 11:41:05 EST

On Saturday 08 October 2005 17:08, John Stoffel wrote:
> Hmm... I've been watching those 3ware discussions with interest as
> well, but I haven't seen any commments on how well they work as JBOD
> controllers, esp if you get smaller ones with fewer channels and
> stripe/mirror between controllers. If you pair disks between
> controllers, then that should limit the downtime, and also improve
> performance.

My application has hundreds/thousands of threads doing simultaneous small
reads, with infrequent small writes. Any problems would probably be mitigated
by having loads of ram for linux to use as disk cache, but this does seem to
be an access model at which the 3ware hardware is not good at handling. Of
course, it never hurts to remind them in a public forum; nothing focuses the
corporate mind better than bad press ;)

Andrew Walrond
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