Re: Is this skb recycle buffer helpful to improve Linux network stackperformance?

From: Eric Dumazet
Date: Sat Oct 08 2005 - 17:22:54 EST

LeoY a écrit :
Hi Eric,

Thanks for your reply.
1. For the packet size, this idea is targeting some specific network card driver and we assume all the packet size will not exceed 2KB.
2. Currently only Uni-Processor is considered(Hyper-threading is also disabled), I will add spin lock part once it works on the UP.

1) Even on Uni-Processor, you still need to protect against IRQS

2) The big cost of kmalloc()/kfree() come from the local_irq_save(flags)/local_irq_restore(flags)

Once you add them in your code, you will discover you gain nothing compared to kmalloc()/kfree() that already use a 'ring buffer' : More over, the slab implementation is designed to have separate 'ring buffer' (one for each cpu), so it is probably better than a 'central ring buffer'

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