Re: [swsusp] separate snapshot functionality to separate file

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Sun Oct 09 2005 - 02:53:14 EST


> >>"Cool, so you have done 100% of work and now it is stable, fast and
> >>tested. You only need to do 200% more work to get it merged".
> >>
> >>Merging into kernel is not easy, sorry.
> >>
> >It works, it's fast, it's stable, and it does what users want.
> >That's a strong combination. It would be really good if you could
> >work together to merge it.

> I've read this thread...
> And I want to join this request...
> It might be that suspend2 is not the best solution, but
> maybe if you merge it and then work together in order to
> maximize the use of user space at next version, it will be

Merge 10000 lines of code, only to drop them in next version?

Better not.
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