Re: Linux Kernel Dump Summit 2005

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Wed Oct 12 2005 - 05:09:36 EST

On St 12-10-05 10:56:46, Felix Oxley wrote:
> Thank you for helping a clueless newbie :-)
> > Notice that suspend2 project actually introduced compression *for
> > speed*. Doing it right means that it is faster to do it
> > compressed.
> I see!
> Little benchmarks here:
> shows 15% speed _increase_ with compression.
> > See Jamie Lokier's description how to *never* slow down.
> Sorry, where is this?

Somewhere on the lkml, *long* ago. Basically idea is to have one
thread doing writing to disk, and second thread doing compression. If
no compressed pages are available, just write uncompressed ones. That
way compression can only speed things up.

if you have sharp zaurus hardware you don't need... you know my address
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