Re: [PATCH] [BLUETOOTH] kmalloc + memset -> kzalloc conversion

From: Paulo Marques
Date: Wed Oct 12 2005 - 07:20:11 EST

Deepak Saxena wrote:
On Oct 12 2005, at 00:52, Marcel Holtmann was caught saying:

Hi Andrew,

Confused. This patch changes lots of block code, not bluetooth.

I know. This is what I already mailed Deepak, but he never replied.

Sorry, got lost in the mailbox. I think I was not paying attention to
my tab completion and included the wrong patch. Proper patch follows.

--- a/drivers/bluetooth/hci_usb.c
+++ b/drivers/bluetooth/hci_usb.c
@@ -134,10 +134,9 @@ static struct usb_device_id blacklist_id
static struct _urb *_urb_alloc(int isoc, unsigned int __nocast gfp)
- struct _urb *_urb = kmalloc(sizeof(struct _urb) +
+ struct _urb *_urb = kzalloc(sizeof(struct _urb) +
sizeof(struct usb_iso_packet_descriptor) * isoc, gfp);
if (_urb) {
- memset(_urb, 0, sizeof(*_urb));
return _urb;

This one doesn't keep the exact same behavior as before, as it is zeroing more memory than it did.

If this is not a performance critical path, then I guess it's ok (code size reduction, and all).

I just wanted to call some attention on this so that someone more knowledgeable than me in the bluetooth ways can make sure it's ok.

Paulo Marques -

The rule is perfect: in all matters of opinion our
adversaries are insane.
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