[RFC] Generic Timeofday Subsystem Simulator (v1)

From: john stultz
Date: Thu Oct 13 2005 - 21:10:59 EST

At Roman's prodding, and inspired by Dave Mills' simulator, I've
scratched out a pretty simple userspace simulator for my timeofday and
NTP changes.

The project is attached. It is pretty simple right now and if you have
any suggestions for changes, please let me know.

To use it:
1. Download my timeofday patches (or just the cumulative one) and apply
them to a current git tree.
2. Untar the simulator.
3. Run ./generate.sh <path to patched kernel tree>
4. Run make
5. Run ./todsim <offset> <ppm skew>

Pretty easy. It will output a whole lot of data providing:

<simulator time> <kernel time> <hardware value> <offset> <ppm adj>

Its not terribly interesting at the moment, but hopefully folks can play
with it and make suggestions for improvements to the simulator,
timeofday code or the ntp changes.


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