Re: [RFC][PATCH 0/12] Generic Timeofday Subsystem (v B7) (cumulative-i386)

From: Kyle Moffett
Date: Thu Oct 13 2005 - 23:03:36 EST

On Oct 13, 2005, at 21:59:41, john stultz wrote:
<excellent patchset>

Three cheers for John Stultz for plugging at this as long as he has! Despite the ugly code, the many requested changes and revisions, etc, he's made awesome progress. These are sorely needed changes and we should thank John (and all the rest of the participants) for their time on this particular project. Hurrah to you sirs!

Kyle Moffett

Somone asked me why I work on this free ( philosophy/) software stuff and not get a real job. Charles Shultz had the best answer:

"Why do musicians compose symphonies and poets write poems? They do it because life wouldn't have any meaning for them if they didn't. That's why I draw cartoons. It's my life."
-- Charles Shultz

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