Re: Anybody know about nforce4 SATA II hot swapping + linux raid?

From: Bill Davidsen
Date: Fri Oct 14 2005 - 23:20:38 EST

Andrew Walrond wrote:

I need to deploy some very resilient servers with hot swapable drives.

I always used dac960 based hardware raid for hot swapping in the past, but sata drives are so cheap compared to scsi that I'm considering the Tyan GT24 server with 4 hot swappable SATA II drives (nforce4 pro controller)

Before I place an order, I need to know whether sata II hot swapping is up to scratch in the linux kernel, and whether it works nicely with linux software raid (which I already use/am familiar with).

Any knowledge greatfully accepted :)

As others have noted, SATA is young and should not be used for hot-swap, at least in a production manner. I suggest the IBM ServeRAID controller as one solution for SCSI. I have a bunch of servers in various places around the country, and these have been good to me, work pretty well with typical failures, and IBM supports them.

I've deployed about 35 of these and am still happy, so you have a data point. Most of my servers have 3-6TB.

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