Re: old patches in -mm

From: Adrian Bunk
Date: Sat Feb 11 2006 - 16:51:03 EST

On Sat, Feb 11, 2006 at 08:56:15PM +0100, Xose Vazquez Perez wrote:
> hi,
> There are 35 patches(not included reiser4 and post-halloween-doc) older
> than 2 months that still are not in mainline. Forgotten or experimental ?
> acx1xx-allow-modular-build.patch
> acx1xx-wireless-driver-spy_offset-went-away.patch
> acx1xx-wireless-driver-usb-is-bust.patch
> acx-should-select-not-depend-on-fw_loader.patch
> acx-update-2.patch
> acx-update.patch

They do all depend on acx1xx-wireless-driver.patch.

> dlm-build-fix-2.patch
> dlm-build-fix.patch
> dlm-communication-fix-lowcomms-race.patch
> dlm-core-locking-resend-lookups.patch
> dlm-device-interface-dlm-force-unlock.patch
> dlm-device-interface-fix-device-refcount.patch
> dlm-recovery-clear-new_master-flag.patch
> dlm-recovery-make-code-static.patch
> dlm-use-configfs-fix-2.patch
> dlm-use-configfs-fix.patch

They do all depend on DLM which is only in -mm.

> drivers-net-wireless-tiacx-add-missing-include-linux-vmallocha.patch

Depends on acx1xx-wireless-driver.patch.

> export-file_ra_state_init-again.patch

This is currently not even used in -mm - it should be dropped since
recreating this patch is trivial.

> fbdev-update-framebuffer-feature-list.patch
> firestream-warnings.patch
> fs-asfs-make-code-static.patch

Depends on asfs-filesystem-driver.patch.

> remove-checkconfigpl.patch

This patch is broken - the purpose of this patch was to remove, but it seems the part to remove was lost
somewhere through Andrew's scripts.

> slab-cache-shrinker-statistics-fix.patch

Bug fix that should go into 2.6.16 - but a static inline in slab.h would
be the better solution.

> tiacx-usb_driver-build-fix.patch

Depends on acx1xx-wireless-driver.patch.

> -thanks-



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