Re: Packet writing issue on

From: Phillip Susi
Date: Sun Feb 12 2006 - 19:31:26 EST

Paul wrote:

This is not technically true; once the pktcdvd mapping is made,
the device can be accessed like a r/w block device. For example, after
I associate the dvd with the pktcdvd device, I then can associate it
with a cryptographic loop device, and mke2fs on that, then mount it
and use it like any other filesystem. Something like:

You must first format the cd-rw in packet mode with cdrwtool before pktcdvd can write to it.

pktsetup dvd /dev/dvd
losetup -e serpent-256 /dev/loop0 /dev/pktcdvd/dvd
mke2fs -m0 /dev/loop0
mount -o noatime,rw /dev/loop0 /mntpoint

I realize you are differentiating between burning an iso
type image from what cdrwtool does, but I thought I would mention
my usage;) Obviously this would not be compatible with anything
else, which is intentional.
What is the difference between using cdrwtool on the cd/vd-rw
to form an initial image, and just doing a mkudffs on a pktcdvd
associated device?

You can't mkudffs on pktcdvd unless the media has been formatted for packet mode, or in MRW mode, at least until the recent patches were applied. If the media is formatted for MRW mode, then pktcdvd isn't required to write to it, but it used to work. With the new patches applied it will refuse to access MRW discs.

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