Re: SubmittingPatches typo

From: Nick Warne
Date: Mon Mar 20 2006 - 17:02:14 EST

Believe me, English Grammar is harder than trying to understand kernel code.

I was taught that 'ownership' and 'owner' decide, depending on the tense.

Fred's code (it's his - 'Fred has ['s] code')). - Here also "it's" is
short for "it is" (sucking eggs).

Freds' code. You are talking third party about Freds' (or should that
be Fred's?) code that he owns.

Names that end in 's' may not be plural... the Smiths family? Or the
Smiths' Family? What happens if you are talking about 10
Smiths'/Smith's families? Smiths Families?

So, I think:

Torvald's code == Torvalds has code == Torvald's ['s == has]

Reference Torvalds' code = Torvalds[es]' code [owner]

This debate has been on this board been a few times... and with all
the English masters in there, it is still a little bit unresolved.

Stick to coding kernels guys, it's easier.

The fix?

+Here is the mail Linus Torvalds sent on the canonical patch format:

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