struct platform and struct device queries

From: Ram
Date: Wed May 17 2006 - 08:49:49 EST

I am writing a device driver:

In the probe function i have to give a parameter struct
platform_device * pdev.

when is the probe function called?. It is not called at
initialisation time (module loading)

suppose i have a situation where in i need to probe when the module
is inserted how do i do it?

is it possible to get a struct platform * in the init function of the

Is there any call to get a struct platform * ?

Also i want to know if it is possible to get a struct device * frtom
any call. i need a struct device * call some functions.

How do i get it?.

I know if the upper layer (could be kernel generic code) calls my
driver probe function - it passes a struct platform * or struct device

But, is there any call to get it calling from the init function.

If so, how ?

Please advice,

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