Linux Kernel Source Compression

From: Justin Piszcz
Date: Sun May 21 2006 - 10:34:32 EST

Was curious as to which utilities would offer the best compression ratio for the kernel source, I thought it'd be bzip2 or rar but lzma wins, roughly 6 MiB smaller than bzip2.

$ du -sk * | sort -n
33520 linux-
33760 linux-
38064 linux-
39472 linux-
39936 linux-
40000 linux-
40656 linux-
47664 linux-
49968 linux-
50000 linux-
51344 linux-
57552 linux-
57984 linux-
81136 linux-
94544 linux-
101216 linux-
228608 linux-

$ du -sh * | sort -n
33M linux-
33M linux-
37M linux-
39M linux-
39M linux-
39M linux-
40M linux-
47M linux-
49M linux-
49M linux-
50M linux-
56M linux-
57M linux-
79M linux-
92M linux-
99M linux-
223M linux-

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