Re: cannot load *any* modules with 2.4 kernel

From: George Nychis
Date: Sun May 21 2006 - 10:42:11 EST

Before I build i do:

Therefore it must be reading it first, sorry I should have mentioned
this... just have done so much to try and get it to work I can't
remember it all :)

In response to Willy's post, yeah it was by hand, i can't get that comp
on the network yet :(

I will answer all your detailed questions and rebuild the kernel, but it
didn't have any revisions after names, I'll rebuild with that exact
.config i posted after a make clean mrproper to ensure its installing
the new kernel. Then I'll also try disabling modversion.


Nick Warne wrote:
> On 21/05/06, George Nychis <gnychis@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Okay, so heres what I did. I downloaded modutils version 2.4.27 and
>> extracted it to /usr/local/modutils
>> Then in my 2.4.32 kernel's Makefile, I changed the DEPMOD variable to
>> point to /usr/local/modutils/sbin/depmod
> Well thats a half-arsed way to do it. The kernel makefile could be
> using the new /usr/local/sbin/depmod and the system the old
> /sbin/depmod /sbin/insmod /sbin/modprobe etc.
> Just install the new modutils to /usr/local/ and then add
> /usr/local/sbin to your $PATH _before_ /sbin etc. so it is read
> first.
> Nick
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