Re: [IDEA] Poor man's UPS

From: Neil Brown
Date: Sun May 21 2006 - 19:03:16 EST

On Sunday May 21, pgquiles@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> A short description would be "continuous system hibernation". Say you are
> running Firefox, writing an e-mail in mutt and compiling the next
> release. The power goes off, your computer crashes or something happens and
> you lose everything you were doing (yes, sadly you haved saved your e-mail as
> a draft yet).

You need an editor that auto-saves regularly. May I suggest emacs ;-)

One of my biggest grips about the current fad of web-based
interactions is that you get to use the editor built into your browser
rather than your editor of choice - and the editor built into firefox
is pretty lame....
Now if only firefox could embed a window from my running emacs ....

Or to put it another way: you don't need to save the whole system
state: just save the bits you actually need to save.

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