RE: replacing X Window System !

From: "Döhr, Markus ICC-H"
Date: Mon May 22 2006 - 06:49:56 EST

> >Did you actually do that? Starting Firefox over a 6 Mbit VPN takes
> >about 3 minutes on a FAST machine. That´s not acceptable - our users
> >want (almost) immediate response to an application, to clicking and
> >waiting 10 seconds until the app is doing something.
> >
> >
> It is not that bad. I tried starting firefox on a machine
> 20km away, using a 5Mbps ADSL link from the "wrong" end. (I
> ssh'ed into my home pc from work.) Firefox started in 55s,
> not 3min. Still bad, but that is a firefox problem, not a
> generic X-tunneling problem. I can start the lyx word
> processor in 3s over the same link, and have decent
> performance while using it too.

55 seconds to start an application... That´s not acceptable. Why do you
think it´s a Firefox problem? Did you try this with a Java application?

I don´t wanna blame X in general, just saying it is useless if you´re
sitting in Hungary or Poland and want to work remotely - in comparision to
M$´s RDP.

The question for me is not "X or not X" - but how to enable people to start
e. g. "sam" on an HP-UX box without needing to wait minutes before the
application starts. It works - for sure, but the speed is for our needs not
acceptable. Additionally ~ 60 ssh sessions on a single box will but a lot of
CPU load on the system beside the fact, that you need a BIG BIG pipe.

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