Re: replacing X Window System !

From: Helge Hafting
Date: Mon May 22 2006 - 07:26:22 EST

DÃhr, Markus ICC-H wrote:


Did you actually do that? Starting Firefox over a 6 Mbit VPN takes about 3 minutes on a FAST machine. ThatÂs not acceptable - our users want (almost) immediate response to an application, to clicking and waiting 10 seconds until the app is doing something.

It is not that bad. I tried starting firefox on a machine 20km away, using a 5Mbps ADSL link from the "wrong" end. (I ssh'ed into my home pc from work.) Firefox started in 55s, not 3min. Still bad, but that is a firefox problem, not a generic X-tunneling problem. I can start the lyx word processor in 3s over the same link, and have decent performance while using it too.

55 seconds to start an application... ThatÂs not acceptable. Why do you
think itÂs a Firefox problem? Did you try this with a Java application?

I say it is a firefox problem because other apps don't have this delay!
So clearly, firefox is doing something stupid here that other apps
doesn't do. Waiting 3 seconds isn't that painful.

I haven't tried with a java app - I don't think I have any of those.
Are they special in any way?

I donÂt wanna blame X in general, just saying it is useless if youÂre
sitting in Hungary or Poland and want to work remotely - in comparision to

It all depends on what latency and bandwith you have.
5-6 Mbps is enough to have a decent experience, except for
some stupid apps. Firefox is certainly slow in starting, and
somewhat slow later too. But one doesn't have to run firefox,
there are other browsers. And usually, the webbrowser is
something you _can_ run locally. At least if you're simply
trying to read webpages.

The question for me is not "X or not X" - but how to enable people to start
e. g. "sam" on an HP-UX box without needing to wait minutes before the
application starts. It works - for sure, but the speed is for our needs not
acceptable. Additionally ~ 60 ssh sessions on a single box will but a lot of
CPU load on the system beside the fact, that you need a BIG BIG pipe.

60 sessions - sure. The more users, the more resources you need . . .

Helge Hafting
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