Re: let md auto-detect 128+ raid members, fix potential race condition

From: Alexandre Oliva
Date: Tue Aug 01 2006 - 17:22:44 EST

On Aug 1, 2006, Michael Tokarev <mjt@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> []
>> If mdadm can indeed scan all partitions to bring up all raid devices
>> in them, like nash's raidautorun does, great. I'll give that a try,

> Never, ever, try to do that (again). Mdadm (or vgscan, or whatever)
> should NOT assemble ALL arrays found, but only those which it has
> been told to assemble. This is it again: you bring another disk into
> a system (disk which comes from another machine), and mdadm finds
> FOREIGN arrays and brings them up as /dev/md0, where YOUR root
> filesystem should be. That's what 'homehost' option is for, for
> example.

Exactly. So make it /all/all local/, if you must. It's the same as
far as I'm concerned.

> If initrd should be reconfigured after some changes (be it raid
> arrays, LVM volumes, hostname, whatever), -- I for one am fine
> with that.

Feel free to be fine with it, as long as you also let me be free to
not be fine with it and try to cut a better deal :-)

Alexandre Oliva
Secretary for FSF Latin America
Red Hat Compiler Engineer aoliva@{,}
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