Userspace visible of 3 include/asm/ headers

From: Adrian Bunk
Date: Thu Aug 03 2006 - 15:37:45 EST

Could anyone help me regarding the desired userspace visibility of the
following three headers under include/asm/?

Header : cpufeature.h
Architectures : i386, x86_64
Is there any reason why this header is exported to userspace?

Header : setup.h
Architectures : i386, ia64, x86_64
- COMMAND_LINE_SIZE on ia64, x86_64
- much more on i386
Should COMMAND_LINE_SIZE be visible to userspace?
Anything else from the i386 setup.h?

Header : timex.h
Architectures : all architectures
Offers CLOCK_TICK_RATE on all architectures, but on some architectures
(like i386) this depends on the kernel configuration.
-> not a userspace header?



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