Re: [uml-devel] [PATCH 10/19] UML - Remove spinlock wrapper functions

From: Blaisorblade
Date: Sat Aug 05 2006 - 07:45:01 EST

On Friday 04 August 2006 15:00, alessandro salvatori wrote:
> Jeff,
> the new lock irq_lock is still static, but we now have preprocessor
> macros to be included from a header file

Are you talking about spin_lock_irqsave & co? In that case you have maybe
missed that the removed functions were simply wrappers for spin_lock_irqsave.
Those wrappers existed to be used in files which can't include kernel headers
(long story).

> instead of non-static functions in
> the same module as the static irq_lock.

> Am I missing something?
Inform me of my mistakes, so I can keep imitating Homer Simpson's "Doh!".
Paolo Giarrusso, aka Blaisorblade
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