Re: And another Oops / BUG? ( on VIA Epia CL6000)

From: Udo van den Heuvel
Date: Tue Aug 15 2006 - 05:59:45 EST

David Miller wrote:
> From: Udo van den Heuvel <udovdh@xxxxxxxxx>
>> pptpd is needed for my adsl connection.
>> pppd runs over it.
>> it is not part of the kernel.
> Oh yes it does, the pptp source file was mentioned by the kernel OOPS
> message. How did it get there if it's not part of the kernel? :)

It IS not part of the kernel. See the log. I left it there since it
shows some of the issues the Oops causes.
*Everytime* named is involved.
It eats entropy.
It upsets upsd and pptpd.
It happens since 2.6.17.*.

Kind regards,
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