Re: [PATCH 2.6.18 2/2] mmc: Read mmc v4 EXT_CSD

From: Philip Langdale
Date: Tue Oct 03 2006 - 22:58:14 EST


I will reorganise these patches into a series that detects and sets up
high-speed support. This is pretty simple. Wide-bus is harder because
you have to run their weird test pattern and check all the power class
stuff. Hopefully I'll have that done this week.

Pierre Ossman wrote:
> philipl@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> + list_for_each_entry(card, &host->cards, node) {
>> + if (card->state & (MMC_STATE_DEAD|MMC_STATE_PRESENT))
>> + continue;
> Please use the macros.

I'm confused: mmc_read_scrs and mmc_read_csds use this exact same
construction in 2.6.18 and Linus' current tree. Should I be checking
another tree?

Will address all other comments.


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