Re: util-linux: orphan

From: H. Peter Anvin
Date: Tue Dec 26 2006 - 22:20:41 EST

Arnd Bergmann wrote:
On Monday 18 December 2006 08:17, Karel Zak wrote:
- remove FS/device detection code
(libblkid from e2fsprogs or libvolumeid is replacement)

I saw that the current Fedora already dynamically links /bin/mount
against /usr/lib/ This obviously does not work if
/usr is a separate partition that needs to be mounted with /bin/mount.
I also had problems with selinux claiming I had no right to access
libblkid, which meant that the root fs could not be remounted r/w.

I'd suggest that you make sure that mount always gets statically linked
against libblkid to avoid these problems.

That's a pretty silly statement. The real issue is that any library needed by binaries in /bin or /sbin should live in /lib, not /usr/lib.

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