Re: [PATCH 1/1] memory: enhance Linux swap subsystem

From: Zhou Yingchao
Date: Sat Dec 30 2006 - 01:01:01 EST

2006/12/27, yunfeng zhang <zyf.zeroos@xxxxxxxxx>:
To multiple address space, multiple memory inode architecture, we can introduce
a new core object -- section which has several features
Do you mean "in-memory inode" or "memory node(pglist_data)" by "memory inode" ?
The idea issued by me is whether swap subsystem should be deployed on layer 2 or
layer 3 which is described in Documentation/vm_pps.txt of my patch. To multiple
memory inode architecture, the special memory model should be encapsulated on
layer 3 (architecture-dependent), I think.
I guess that you are wanting to do something to remove arch-dependent
code in swap subsystem. Just like the pud introduced in the
page-table related codes. Is it right?
However, you should verify that your changes will not deteriorate
system performance. Also, you need to maintain it for a long time with
the evolution of mainline kernel before it is accepted.

Best regards
Yingchao Zhou
Institute Of Computing Technology
Chinese Academy of Sciences
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