Re: suspend2 merge (was Re: [Suspend2-devel] Re: CFS and suspend2:hang in atomic copy)

From: Johannes Berg
Date: Thu Apr 26 2007 - 13:12:42 EST

On Thu, 2007-04-26 at 10:14 -0600, Chris Friesen wrote:
> Johannes Berg wrote:
> > Judging from experience with the wext 32/64 bit fiasco it seems to be
> > rather uncommon to use 32-bit userspace on 64-bit machines.
> I's quite common. I think its the standard way of doing
> things for ppc64, for instance.

I know. My only 64-bit machine is ppc64 :)

But still nobody noticed the wext 32/64 bit compat bug for like forever.
On the other hand, maybe that just means that most 64-bit machines are
desktop machines without wireless.


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