RE: Is gcc thread-unsafe?

From: Andrew Haley
Date: Tue Oct 30 2007 - 06:20:50 EST

David Schwartz writes:
> > Well, yeah. I know what you mean. However, at this moment, some
> > gcc developers are trying really hard not to be total d*ckheads
> > about this issue, but get gcc fixed. Give us a chance.
> Can we get some kind of consensus that 'optimizations' that add
> writes to any object that the programmer might have taken the
> address of are invalid on any platform that supports memory
> protection?

That's what the proposed standard language says, kinda-sorta. There's
an informal description at

Anyway, we have fixed this bug and are committing it to all open gcc
branches. Credit to Ian Taylor for writing the patch.


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