Re: [PATCH] Re: AMD Mobile Semprons (3500+, 3600+,...) break withnohz and highres enabled

From: Richard
Date: Thu Jul 17 2008 - 01:57:01 EST

Thomas Renninger wrote:
I have no idea.
Richard's last message:
"I can help out as needed, just a work deadline I have to meet so I haven't been able to dig further. Just point me in the direction and I'll gladly be someones hands on the beastly machine"

has silently be ignored.

Which chipset is involved here ? SB400/600 perhaps ?
No, it is probably much older and I am pretty sure that it is not chipset related, but related to the "Mobile" in the Mobile Sempron as this exactly seem to hit 3500 and 3600 Mobile Sempron CPUs.

I can't help much further because:
- I have not such a machine
- I don't know these parts. I hoped to get some hints to help these guys


Hi All,

I am still available to hack away :-) I would also like to get this bug resolved but I feel I am out of my depth with this problem. (Embedded PowerPC's are my toys)

As a quick test, I grabbed the 2.6.26 kernel and built it... but alas, it broke... well, from my ill-educated guess, it looked like acpid done something and the machine shut down.


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