Re: ACPI WARNING: atdrivers/acpi/tables/tbfadt.c:348 acpi_tb_create_local_fadt+0x147/0x2f4()

From: Jan Beulich
Date: Thu Jul 17 2008 - 05:14:50 EST

>The question is just if the hardware is really 8 bits or if the table
>is not just wrong. What does lspci say?

What would lspci have to do with this? /proc/acpi/fadt (from an older
kernel if the new one fails to come up) would seem to help somewhat,
as that would allow comparing the v1 (byte-width) and v2 (bit-width)
values - if they're out of sync (and they likely are if the system worked
flawlessly with previous kernels), I'd be certain the tables are wrong.


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