Re: ACPI WARNING: at drivers/acpi/tables/tbfadt.c:348 acpi_tb_create_local_fadt+0x147/0x2f4()

From: Andi Kleen
Date: Thu Jul 17 2008 - 08:28:56 EST

Jan Beulich wrote:
The question is just if the hardware is really 8 bits or if the table
is not just wrong. What does lspci say?

What would lspci have to do with this?

When it's an chipset with available data sheets one could check that.

/proc/acpi/fadt (from an older
kernel if the new one fails to come up) would seem to help somewhat,
as that would allow comparing the v1 (byte-width) and v2 (bit-width)
values - if they're out of sync (and they likely are if the system worked
flawlessly with previous kernels), I'd be certain the tables are wrong.

Ok, but we can just get that from a table dump.


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