Re: [patch 1/3] fastboot: Create a "asynchronous" initlevel

From: Arjan van de Ven
Date: Sun Jul 20 2008 - 07:12:42 EST

On Sun, 20 Jul 2008 09:23:31 +0200
Rene Herman <rene.herman@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Yes, I see. Unfortunately, WITH your patches, driver_probe_done()
> would also no longer be safe when run from a late_initcall() it would
> appear.

true for now (but see below)

> I have the sneaking suspicion that this is a bit of a fundamental
> issue. Turning some of the driver level (6) async basicaly removes
> the ordering between drivers and late_initcall (level 7).

I was hoping to not need this ordering.
> I trust it will completely and utterly destroy the point of this
> patch to flush level 6a before starting level 7?

Thankfully it doesn't destroy it, the reason for this is that level 6
itself tends to take long enough to get benefits. It's just that if we
can get both 6 and 7 it's nicer. But if we end up needing to sync, so
be it.

Note: syncing on a driver_probe_done() from level 7 is not going to be
pretty (think "multi-second extra boot time).
Part of me wants to only sync level 6a from the first
driver_probe_done() so that only people who already pay these extra
seconds suffer this one as well ;-)

(it means that I'll just disable suspend-to-disk on my systems though)

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