Re: [PATCH] libata: add warning about possible HPA compatibilityissue

From: Alan Cox
Date: Mon May 25 2009 - 19:15:59 EST

> > Tejun has a patch in the queue which exposes the HPA and real sizes to
> > the OS
> In queue for 2.6.30?

2.6.30 merge window is closed, as you well kow

> I fully agree w.r.t to proper handling of HPA but we need "something" in
> the meantime because it is *real* issue resulting in *real* users filling
> *real* bug-reports (which unfortunately always get assigned to me first
> so I'm needlessly wasting my time on them).

The merge window is closed. This is a 2.6.31 discussion and randomly
adding bogus printks to the kernel won't help because

- Users have no idea what they mean
- Distros boot with "quiet" so users don't see them anyway

It would be good to get Tejun's patch upstream and also runtime HPA

> IOW Please stop downplaying bug #13365 which this patch tries to alleviate.

I'm still not convinced 13365 is an HPA problem entirely - but there are
certainly other HPA confusions here and there.

> I'm adding Andrew to cc:...

Hello Andrew ;)

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