Re: [lm-sensors] [PATCH] hwmon: Add driver for VIA CPU core temperature=

From: tomaz . mertelj
Date: Fri Jun 12 2009 - 11:25:25 EST

> The author had a problem in that routine -
> try this one (32bit machines only) -
> Mike

DEBNAS:/home# for r in 0x1160 0x1161 0x1162 0x1163 0x1164 0x1165 0x1166
0x1168 0x1169 0x116a 0x116b 0x116c 0x1152 0x1153 ; do ./rdmsrll $r ;
MSR register 0x1160 => 08:04:83:94:bf:c2:39:c8
MSR register 0x1161 => 08:04:83:94:bf:ce:12:88
MSR register 0x1162 => 08:04:83:94:bf:d0:7a:a8
MSR register 0x1163 => 08:04:83:94:bf:9e:1f:88
MSR register 0x1164 => 08:04:83:94:bf:9c:ff:78
MSR register 0x1165 => 08:04:83:94:bf:87:6e:18
MSR register 0x1166 => 08:04:83:94:bf:a1:87:b8
MSR register 0x1167 => 08:04:83:94:bf:f1:cc:b8
MSR register 0x1168 => 08:04:83:94:bf:c6:22:08
MSR register 0x1169 => 08:04:83:94:bf:cf:b8:68
MSR register 0x116a => 08:04:83:94:bf:a3:57:d8
MSR register 0x116b => 08:04:83:94:bf:b3:a8:d8
MSR register 0x116c => 08:04:83:94:bf:ea:04:48
MSR register 0x1152 => 08:04:83:94:bf:84:85:e8
MSR register 0x1153 => 08:04:83:94:bf:d6:fb:18

I hope this is better.


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