RE: [PATCH/RFC v2 0/3] Human readable platform-specific performanceevent support

From: Tomasz Fujak
Date: Thu Jan 28 2010 - 07:41:49 EST

Oops, I missed your statement from yesterday, that's why I posted the same
idea :s

Otherwise if the perf is meant to be closely tied to the kernel, maybe we
could use a (semi-)automated process to transform the event definitions
(enums in a .c file) to something perf could use. Basically a replacement
for sysfs/debugfs entry in a separately distributed file.

But that does not look so straightforward to implement to me, maybe I'll
come up with something next week.

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> On Thu, 2010-01-28 at 12:57 +0100, Tomasz Fujak wrote:
> please educate your MUA to wrap lines at ~80.
> > Apparently I did not comprehend your attitude towards the events'
> > description being exported from the kernel.
> > There's been a lengthy discussion which ended in a conclusion that
> the
> > platform detection is a complicated task.
> If its really that complicated export a pmu identifier someplace.
> The fact is, the kernel simply doesn't use this list, we have perf in
> kernel so that resource scheduling and isolation can be done, for that
> we need to know how to program the hardware and we need to know about
> scheduling constraints, we do not need exhaustive lists of possible
> events, let alone descriptive text for them, in the kernel.
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