Re: [GIT PULL] Ambient Light Sensors subsystem

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Wed Mar 03 2010 - 12:04:12 EST

On Tue, 2 Mar 2010, Dima Zavin wrote:
> I definitely see the need for what you guys are trying to accomplish.
> For example, currently, we use an input device for reporting events,
> and a separate misc device node for control
> (enable/disable/configure). It's definitely suboptimal, but there
> currently isn't anything there would let us do things cleanly.

I have to say, I personally don't see why something like an ambient light
sensor _isn't_ just an input device.

What's the difference between a physical "increase screen brightness" key,
and a "ambient light sensor"? Absolutely none as far as I can tell.

And for something like an X server, it sounds a lot more natural to just
have another input device than to have yet abother event reporting

And quite frankly, the "explanations" I see in this thread for why it
needs to be a subsystem of its own don't actually explain anything or make
sense. They seem to boil down to "we just did it this way" without
actually answering any of the issues brought up.

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