Re: [git pull] drm request 3

From: Corbin Simpson
Date: Fri Mar 05 2010 - 16:01:48 EST

On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 11:38 AM, Corbin Simpson
<mostawesomedude@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I was trying my hardest to not say anything, but...
> [blah blah Fedora blah Ubuntu blah staging blah blah]
> That said... Code probably is moving too fast inside nouveau. There is
> a bit of a wall to go through to get new patches upstream, which one
> would hope would inspire some developer restraint. intel and radeon
> both still have most (if not all) of the legacy code needed by ancient
> userspaces, and both DDX drivers are doing multiple-branch releases to
> keep old userspace interfaces alive for people unable to update their
> kernels. It might be useful for the nouveau guys to really seriously
> consider code before it leaves their trees and enters mainline;
> writing code that you won't commit to is quite lame for the obvious
> reasons, but also for some unobvious reasons, e.g. it makes you look
> like you don't actually know what you're doing and would rather just
> keep reinventing wheels without justifying and testing your design
> choices. (This is also why I was not exactly pleased with the
> suggestion of retooling all of the r600 userspace over a change to the
> CS system; we just spent the better part of a year moving everything
> over to CS!)

Strike this paragraph. After talking with the nouveau guys again, I
don't think they were doing anything out of the ordinary for staging
drivers. Frustrating, sure, but not anything worth a 200-post flame

Also, I am a tool, don't know what I'm talking about, not actually a
nouveau dev, etc.

~ C.

Only fools are easily impressed by what is only
barely beyond their reach. ~ Unknown

Corbin Simpson
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