Re: [PATCH 00/15] hpwdt: make NMI code a config option (+ othercleanup)

From: Wim Van Sebroeck
Date: Thu Aug 05 2010 - 17:41:14 EST

Hi Dan,

> hwpdt includes an NMI-decoding feature, but the watchdog interface is quite
> usable without it. This patchset makes it possible to build hpwdt without the
> NMI functionality, as well as some general cleanup.

Looking at the overall overview we have:
watchdog: hpwdt (1/3): Introduce SECS_TO_TICKS() macro
watchdog: hpwdt (2/3): allow full range of timer values supported by hardware
watchdog: hpwdt (3/3): implement WDIOC_GETTIMELEFT
[PATCH 01/15] hpwdt_pretimeout reorganization
[PATCH 02/15] remove unnecessary includes
[PATCH 03/15] include spinlock.h
[PATCH 04/15] add include for linux/bitops.h
[PATCH 05/15] Group together includes specific to NMI sourcing
[PATCH 06/15] Group options that affect watchdog behavior together
[PATCH 07/15] Group defines only used by NMI sourcing together
[PATCH 08/15] Group declarations specific to NMI sourcing together
[PATCH 09/15] Despecificate driver from iLO2
[PATCH 10/15] Fix a typo
[PATCH 11/15] Make x86 assembly ifdef guard more strict
[PATCH 12/15] Construct status message w/ kasprintf and emit it with dev_info
[PATCH 13/15] Use "decoding" instead of "sourcing"
[PATCH 14/15] Make NMI decoding a compile-time option
[PATCH 15/15] Bump version to 1.2.0

When I look closer I see that:
* Some of the clean-up stuff changes things that were introduced in the first 3 (timer) patches.
Since these patches are not in mainline yet, it would be better to directly do it there.
(Which means that you don't need patch 7 anymore).
* The clean-up of includes (2, 3, 4 and maybe 5) can be a single patch.
* Patch 10 is correct but since you change the Kconfig help text in patch 14 anyway,
I would incorporate that in patch 14. Same for patch 15 -> this should be combined with patch 14 also.
* Personally I prefer to do the general clean-up first and then do the different changes for the NMI part.
* I don't like the ifdef's in the init and exit procedures. A procedure/function that is defined for both cases is the way that we should go here. (see patch 14).

So overall: patches look good, but let's re-order the patches a bit (so that we first clean-up the driver and then add the NMI related changes (If we ever need to revert some things then we at least have a clean-driver before we start bisecting the NMI changes)).
And secondly: let's try to have the ifdef's out of the init and exit procedures.

If you can look at how we can get rid of the ifdef's in init and exit, then I will reorder the patches and change the 3 timer patches and put that allready in a git tree.

Kind regards,

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