Re: net: add seq_before/seq_after functions

From: David Miller
Date: Thu May 19 2011 - 05:10:19 EST

From: Sven Eckelmann <sven@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 May 2011 10:54:32 +0200

> On Wednesday 18 May 2011 14:38:39 Antonio Quartulli wrote:
>> Introduce two operations to handle comparison between packet sequence
>> numbers taking into account overflow/wraparound. Batman-adv uses
>> these functions already to check for successor packet even in case of
>> overflow.
> Thanks for your efforts to bring that to the kernel. But when you prepare a
> patch then you have to add a signoff. And also David S. Miller is the
> maintainer for this header - it would be interesting to ask him first when we
> want to change that file.

Well it makes no sense to add these interfaces until we see an
upstream submission of code which will actually use it.

Also I'm skeptical that such generic sounding interfaces make
sense when it appears to me that these are protocol specific
sequence number tests so probably belong in whatever protocol
is upcoming which will use these interfaces.

Again, this is why we want to see the code that's going to use
these new routines before we can seriously consider adding them
at all.
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