Re: Question about error from xhci-hcd

From: Larry Finger
Date: Thu Dec 29 2011 - 11:49:38 EST

On 12/28/2011 10:30 PM, Andiry Xu wrote:

That's the error I want to see, but I didn't find it in the dmesg you
posted. is it wrapped?

Anyway, please post the full dmesg with no room on ring error and the
dump of the ep ring and event ring (so the xhci_debug_ring() is
triggered in the patch), so we can see if the ring is mangled or there
is just too many transfers.

Another thing you can try is the andiry-ring-expansion branch on Sarah's
xhci git tree, check if there is still no room on ring error.

No, the ring is not wrapped. I seems that my anti-spam mechanism kicked in too soon. or the run stopped too soon.

I'll have the OP do another run and see if we can get the right information.

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