Re: at91sam9260 MACB problem with IP fragmentation

From: Nicolas Ferre
Date: Thu Dec 06 2012 - 08:27:03 EST


On 12/06/2012 12:32 PM, Erwin Rol :
> Hello Nicolas, Havard, all,
> I have a very obscure problem with a at91sam9260 board (almost 1 to 1
> copy of the Atmel EK).
> The MACB seems to stall when I use large (>2 * MTU) UDP datagrams. The
> test case is that a udp echo client (PC) sends datagrams with increasing
> length to the AT91 until the max length of the UDP datagram is reached.
> When there is no IP fragmentation everything is fine, but when the
> datagrams are starting to get fragmented the AT91 will not reply
> anymore. But as soon as some network traffic happens it goes on again,
> and non of the data is lost.
> With wireshark the effect can be easily seen ( is the PC echo
> client, and is the at91 echo server) After the first
> request there comes no reply. After a 5 second timeout the second
> request is send. And then both replies are returned.
> When I enabled debugging output it all started to work. So I tried some
> udelays in the driver instead of printk and with a 1ms delay in the irq
> handler it started working. Of course that is an unacceptable fix, but
> it looks like that is some weird race condition that causes the sending
> to stall. The only difference with normal MTU sized datagrams I can
> think of is that the fragmented packets can be passed very quickly to
> the macb tx function, because the kernel has all 5 skb's ready.
> I would be very interested to hear if someone else could reproduce this
> problem. Or even better, has seen this problem and has a fix for it.
> I tried several kernels including the test version from Nicolas that he
> posted on LKML in October. They all show the same effect.


It seems that Matteo has the same behavior: check here:

I am working on the macb driver right now, so I will try to reproduce
and track this issue on my side.

Best regards,
Nicolas Ferre
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