Re: at91sam9260 MACB problem with IP fragmentation

From: Erwin Rol
Date: Thu Dec 06 2012 - 10:15:01 EST

Hey Nicolas,

On 6-12-2012 14:27, Nicolas Ferre wrote:
> Erwin,
> On 12/06/2012 12:32 PM, Erwin Rol :
>> Hello Nicolas, Havard, all,
>> I have a very obscure problem with a at91sam9260 board (almost 1 to 1
>> copy of the Atmel EK).
>> <snip>
> [..]
> It seems that Matteo has the same behavior: check here:

The difference seems to be that in Matteo's case the receiving stalls.
In my case it is the sending that stalls. I see the UDP datagram in
userspace and the sendto call also returns without error, but the data
does not end up on the network (until the next packet is send)

> I am working on the macb driver right now, so I will try to reproduce
> and track this issue on my side.

That would be really great, and thank you for the quick reply. If you
have anything that I should try or test on my hardware just let me know.

BTW: A quick check on a at91sam9263 board did not show the problem. I
will try to verify if it really does work on a 9263, cause maybe it just
more rare on a 9263.

- Erwin

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