Re: [PATCH v3 0/9] Migrate Tegra to common clock framework

From: Joseph Lo
Date: Fri Jan 04 2013 - 06:26:08 EST

On Fri, 2013-01-04 at 17:40 +0800, Prashant Gaikwad wrote:
> This patchset does following:
> 1. Decompose single tegra clock structure into multiple clocks.
> 2. Try to use standard clock types supported by common clock framework.
> 3. Use dynamic initialization.
> 4. Move all clock code to drivers/clk/tegra from mach-tegra.
> 5. Add device tree support for Tegra20 and Tegra30 clocks.
> 6. Remove all legacy clock code from mach-tegra.
> Tested on Tegra30 (Cardhu) and Tegra20 (Ventana).
> Changes from v2:
> Removed APB MISC node.
> Fixed some issues reported by Joseph Lo.
> Added function to read chip id revision register.
> Changes from v1:
> Rebased on linux-next for 20121224.
> Prashant Gaikwad (8):
> ARM: tegra: Add function to read chipid
> clk: tegra: Add tegra specific clocks
> arm: tegra: Move tegra_cpu_car.h to linux/clk/tegra.h
> ARM: Tegra: Define Tegra30 CAR binding
> clk: tegra: add clock support for tegra20
> clk: tegra: add clock support for tegra30
> arm: tegra: Migrate to new clock code
> arm: tegra: Remove legacy clock code
> Stephen Warren (1):
> ARM: tegra: Define Tegra20 CAR binding

Good job, Prashant. :-)

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Tested-by: Joseph Lo <josephl@xxxxxxxxxx>

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