Re: [BUG] staging: android: ashmem: Deadlock during ashmem_mmap and ashmem_read

From: Shankar Brahadeeswaran
Date: Thu Mar 21 2013 - 00:03:59 EST

> Why not copy the android developers who wrote this code on this thread?
> greg k-h

Adding Robert Love & Bjorn Bringert who added most part of the ashmem code.

> Umm... why does it need to hold that mutex past having checked that
> asma->file is non-NULL, anyway?
Not sure. As I mentioned even I don't know the full flow of this
driver so unable to reason out. Better to hear from the developers.

Hi Robert, Bjorn,
Can you please help us resolving the deadlock problem being discussed here.
You can look at the first email in this thread for detailed problem description.

Warm Regards,
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