Re: [PATCH v3 07/13] x86, numa, mem-hotplug: Mark nodes which thekernel resides in.

From: Vasilis Liaskovitis
Date: Mon Jun 03 2013 - 09:18:32 EST

Hi Tang,

On Mon, Jun 03, 2013 at 03:35:53PM +0800, Tang Chen wrote:
> Hi Vasilis,
> >The ranges above belong to node 0, but the node's bit is never marked.
> >
> >With a buggy bios that marks all memory as hotpluggable, this results in a
> >panic, because both checks against hotpluggable bit and memblock_kernel_bitmask
> >(in early_mem_hotplug_init) fail, the numa regions have all been merged together
> >and memblock_reserve_hotpluggable is called for all memory.
> >
> >With a correct bios (some part of initial memory is not hotplug-able) the kernel
> >can boot since the hotpluggable bit check works ok, but extra dimms on node 0
> >will still be allowed to be in MOVABLE_ZONE.
> >
> OK, I see the problem. But would you please give me a call trace
> that can show
> how this could happen. I think the memory block info should be the same as
> numa_meminfo. Can we fix the caller to make it set nid correctly ?

memblock_reserve() calls memblock_add_region with nid == MAX_NUMNODES. So
all calls of memblock_reserve() in arch/x86/kernel/setup.c will cause memblock
additions with this non-specific node id I think.

Call sites I have seen in practice in my tests are trim_low_memory_range,
early_reserve_initrd, reserve_brk, all from setup_arch.

The MAX_NUMNODES case also happens when setup_arch adds memblocks for e820 map

memblock_add <--(calls memblock_add_region with nid == MAX_NUMNODES)

The problem is that these functions are called before numa/srat discovery in
early_initmem_init. So we don't have the numa_meminfo yet when these memblocks
are added/reserved. If calls can be re-ordered that would work, otherwise we should
update nid memblock fields after numa_meminfo has been setup.

> >Actually this behaviour (being able to have MOVABLE memory on nodes with kernel
> >reserved memblocks) sort of matches the policy I requested in v2 :). But i
> >suspect that is not your intent i.e. you want memblock_kernel_nodemask_bitmap to
> >prevent movable reservations for the whole node where kernel has reserved
> >memblocks.
> I intended to set the whole node which the kernel resides in as
> un-hotpluggable.
> >
> >Is there a way to get accurate nid information for memblocks at early boot? I
> >suspect pfn_to_nid doesn't work yet at this stage (i got a panic when I
> >attempted iirc)
> In such an early time, I think we can only get nid from
> numa_meminfo. So as I
> said above, I'd like to fix this problem by making memblock has correct nid.
> And I read the patch below. I think if we get nid from numa_meminfo,
> than we
> don't need to call memblock_get_region_node().

ok. If we update the memblock nid fields from numa_meminfo,
memblock_get_region_node will always return the correct node id.


- Vasilis
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