Re: What does echo -c do (as found in dynamic-debug-howto.txt)

From: Rob Landley
Date: Fri Dec 27 2013 - 07:26:27 EST

On 12/26/13 11:38, Alexander Holler wrote:

I've just read Documentation/dynamic-debug-howto.txt (again) and I
wonder what the parameter -c for echo is for (found at lines 94 ff).

Neither echo from coreutils nor the buildin from bash do know the
parameter -c.

Huh. No idea.

Annotate points at Jason Baron, whom you've cc'd...


Is that -c a parameter for a buildin echo of one of the various shells,
a typo (looks unlikely) or do I miss something else which make me look a

I've implemented echo for toybox, it has -n and -e support. "man echo" shows -neE (and -E is one of those pointless gnuisms that doesn't actualy do anything). man bash shows the echo builtin also has -neE.

No -c anywhere to be found, it's not just you...

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