Re: [PATCH net-next 19/20] net: plip: slight optimization of addrcompare

From: Julia Lawall
Date: Fri Dec 27 2013 - 17:48:07 EST

> Hi Julia.
> Maybe this explanation is helpful?
> ethernet addresses are u8[6] (48 bits)
> ether_addr_equal_64bits gets passed a pointer to u8[8]
> and is more efficient on 64 bit architectures than
> ether_addr_equal because the test can be done with a
> single compare and shift.
> The idea is not to access past the end of the ethernet
> address as appropriate (think pointer to eeprom or other
> such end-of-addressable memory conditions)
> If a struct containing an ethernet address has additional
> members after the ethernet address, or the u8[6] address
> passed to ether_addr_equal is not going to access past
> the end of memory or the structure, then
> ether_addr_equal_64bits should be used in lieu of
> ether_addr_equal.

I tried the following semantic patch:

type T;
T *eth;
identifier fld;
type T1;
T1 *eth1;
identifier fld1;
expression e1;
position p;

ether_addr_equal@p(eth->fld, eth1->fld1)

type r.T, t1, t2;
identifier r.fld, fld2;

T { ...
t1 fld[...];
t2 fld2;

type r.T1, t1, t2;
identifier r.fld1, fld2;

T1 { ...
t1 fld1[...];
t2 fld2;

@depends on ok && ok1@
position r.p;


The first rule finds an existing call to ether_addr_equal where both
arguments are structure field references. It gets the type of the
structure in each case, and notes the field name. The next two rules
check each of the structure declarations to ensure that the field is
declared as an array and it is followed by at least one other field. The
last rule generates some output for cases where both fields pass the test.

Note that this is not at all exhaustive, because it is not checking cases
where one argument is a parameter that is passed from some call site where
the argument is a field that has this property. Thus, it does not find
the case in drivers/net/ethernet/intel/i40e/i40e_main.c. Nevertheless, it
does find a few occurrences, as shown below. In this output, - indicates
an item of interest, not something to be removed. It is not a patch, even
though it looks like one.

One can get quite a lot more results if one doesn't require that both
arguments satisfy the property, ie allowing one argument to be a function
parameter rather than a structure field reference. So perhaps it would be
worth making a (more complicated) semantic patch to find such cases.


diff -u -p /var/linuxes/linux-next/drivers/net/wireless/ipw2x00/libipw_rx.c /tmp/nothing/drivers/net/wireless/ipw2x00/libipw_rx.c
--- /var/linuxes/linux-next/drivers/net/wireless/ipw2x00/libipw_rx.c
+++ /tmp/nothing/drivers/net/wireless/ipw2x00/libipw_rx.c
@@ -1468,7 +1468,6 @@ static inline int is_same_network(struct
* as one network */
return ((src->ssid_len == dst->ssid_len) &&
(src->channel == dst->channel) &&
- ether_addr_equal(src->bssid, dst->bssid) &&
!memcmp(src->ssid, dst->ssid, src->ssid_len));

diff -u -p /var/linuxes/linux-next/drivers/scsi/fcoe/fcoe_ctlr.c /tmp/nothing/drivers/scsi/fcoe/fcoe_ctlr.c
--- /var/linuxes/linux-next/drivers/scsi/fcoe/fcoe_ctlr.c
+++ /tmp/nothing/drivers/scsi/fcoe/fcoe_ctlr.c
@@ -339,7 +339,6 @@ static void fcoe_ctlr_announce(struct fc
sel = fip->sel_fcf;

- if (sel && ether_addr_equal(sel->fcf_mac, fip->dest_addr))
goto unlock;
if (!is_zero_ether_addr(fip->dest_addr)) {
printk(KERN_NOTICE "libfcoe: host%d: "
diff -u -p /var/linuxes/linux-next/drivers/scsi/fcoe/fcoe_sysfs.c /tmp/nothing/drivers/scsi/fcoe/fcoe_sysfs.c
--- /var/linuxes/linux-next/drivers/scsi/fcoe/fcoe_sysfs.c
+++ /tmp/nothing/drivers/scsi/fcoe/fcoe_sysfs.c
@@ -657,7 +657,6 @@ static int fcoe_fcf_device_match(struct
if (new->switch_name == old->switch_name &&
new->fabric_name == old->fabric_name &&
new->fc_map == old->fc_map &&
- ether_addr_equal(new->mac, old->mac))
return 1;
return 0;
diff -u -p /var/linuxes/linux-next/drivers/staging/slicoss/slicoss.c /tmp/nothing/drivers/staging/slicoss/slicoss.c
--- /var/linuxes/linux-next/drivers/staging/slicoss/slicoss.c
+++ /tmp/nothing/drivers/staging/slicoss/slicoss.c
@@ -787,8 +787,6 @@ static bool slic_mac_filter(struct adapt
struct mcast_address *mcaddr = adapter->mcastaddrs;

while (mcaddr) {
- if (ether_addr_equal(mcaddr->address,
- ether_frame->ether_dhost)) {
return true;
diff -u -p /var/linuxes/linux-next/drivers/staging/vt6655/wpactl.c /tmp/nothing/drivers/staging/vt6655/wpactl.c
--- /var/linuxes/linux-next/drivers/staging/vt6655/wpactl.c
+++ /tmp/nothing/drivers/staging/vt6655/wpactl.c
@@ -394,7 +394,6 @@ int wpa_set_keys(PSDevice pDevice, void

} else {
// Key Table Full
- if (ether_addr_equal(param->addr, pDevice->abyBSSID)) {
//DBG_PRN_WLAN03(("return NDIS_STATUS_INVALID_DATA -Key Table Full.2\n"));
return -EINVAL;
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