Re: TSC Problems (warp between CPUs)

From: el_es
Date: Sat Dec 28 2013 - 08:39:31 EST

Alex <xor <at>> writes:
[snip quotes]
> I suspect the TSC cannot be reset in the manner I just attempted (given
> what was just said above)? I gather this means I am out of luck and
> this is impossible to fix (short of a miracle from my motherboard
> manufacturer).
> Alex.
Not being a specialist here at all, so, sorry if it's a lame question,

why would the whole calibration routine be only ran once anyway?
Maybe a re-run (or a few) would eventually miss the SMI and
the warp be gone? (and could be detected and added as a quirk/
workaround for buggy bios(es)/hw too maybe?)

(example from real life: guitar tuners [people that is] can go over
the entire tuning procedure a few times before achieving perfection,
as sometimes tuning one string affects all the others)


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